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March 3rd, 2013, 18:44
Originally Posted by Lord_Darkmoon View Post
Garriott says he wants to go "back to the roots" with the new game… maybe he got inspired by his old friend Chris Roberts and his success with Star Citizen…

Garriotts perspective is a little different to what other people see. His roots of RPGs are not "limited" to PC-Games but refer to role playing in general.
So with roots he does not mean things like turn based combat, group based games or something else classical but the role playing idea behind it. He wants that a Mage should play his character as Mage, acting as if he was a mage, he should be seen as mage by other players and this without focusing too much on attributes. Actually he would get rid of any attributes or skills completely when possible if I understood him right.

This means that his game can be a social "roleplaying game" which does not "feel" any classic at all but may look like a farmville on the first look. But you may fill out a special role in there. But besides of that he also does these little games as "modules", so to gain money and the code to then put everything together and create the game he actually wanted.

The outcome might not be a good game at all. However for doing "his thing" the way he does he has my sympathy.

There was an awesome audio podcast at criticalbit. Unfortunately the site does not exist anymore. I still have the mp3 on my harddrive, so if anyone is interested/ want to host it somewhere (no idea if you need the permission from criticalbit for that), just ask me.
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