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March 3rd, 2013, 23:21
I don't consider my reflexes to be anything but mediocre, but I didn't die once after the first time in Risen2, it came natural to hit space and I think you get plenty of time for that. *shrug*

It does kinda feel odd though, but traps should be there, and I don't know how to implement them better. I'm not saying it's good design, but I can't accept it's that bad either.

@Dajjer: I understand, and it's always a bummer to expect something of a game and get something else. In this case, however, I urge you to put aside your dislike of that little aspect of the game and give it another shot. Really, you would do yourself a great favor, brother. Also, I'm pretty sure people could read about QTEs being in W2 before release. At least I remember I knew about them, and when I got there I thought "wow, these are the dreaded QTEs? There were, like, five times. I don't get it". With this analogy however, you could say "why include them at all?" and you'd be totally right.

@jhwisner: I'm totally calm, don't get me wrong. And Dajjer did say he quit after the Kayran and because of QTEs, unless I misread something. Plus I read and heard others say this elsewhere.

@JDR13: Yea, maybe a few more, there's two on Tacarigua, and 1 or 2 on half the islands. All I'm saying I never found them that annoying, but that's totally objective.
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