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March 3rd, 2013, 23:59
Lord British has strayed far from the eight virtues in his quest to satiate his avarice.

Once upon a time, Lord British was the wise and just ruler of not only the kingdom of Britannia, but Origin Systems as well. He personally oversaw the design and construction of his kingdom. Whilst putting his own life in peril, led his army of knights, known as the Nerd Herd, on a never-ending quest to slay the green slime, and squash every last bug.

But a new evil threatened the land. Enlisting the help of the Avatar, Lord British sought to prevent an evil cult from finishing the mysterious Black Gate. After putting up a good fight, the Avatar was vanquished to a Pagan world whilst British was nearly beheaded by a gold plaque. All hope was lost once the malevolent Guardian stepped through the Black Gate from EA Sports, and Lord British was banished from the kingdom he had created.

Broken and beaten, Lord British spat upon the eight virtues, and set forth on a long quest for the fabled Codec of Greed. After years of wandering the land in a wine induced stupor, LB found his Destination with the help of his brother, and formed a partnership with the enigmatic NCSoft from the distant land of Korea.

LB turned a deaf ear to the will of his people as he continued work on his war ravaged kingdom of Tabula Rasa while chanting the mantra… multiplayer, multiplayer, multiplayer. Alas, the mantra was not new, as many had braved the Blizzard and barely survived.

Sadly, all of those years spent on the web while surfing the bowels of Deceit, Despise, Covetous, and Shame had left a mark on LB. Suffering from hairy palms and failing eyesight, along with an empty bank account, he turned to his once loyal subjects with an outstretched hand and began chanting an old mantra: single player, single player, single player.
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