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March 4th, 2013, 23:09
While not a mod just tried the 1.9 skyrim beta with legendary difficulty mode.

It was definitely difficult, i died at the very first fight which has never happened before even with mods. Ended up having to kite them around while ralof finished them off. Got killed by mud crabs and wolves, although I wasn't really being to careful.

Not sure how it scales to higher levels since I couldnt select legendary difficulty from my save game had to start new. Not sure if that will be the same for everyone and it is just a beta.

Anyway for difficulty I combine ACE, monster mod, Skytest realistic animals and predators and skytest factions. That makes for a pretty brutal game. If you want to make the start even harder install live another life and choose the abandoned and left for dead start. Took me 3 hours just to get to riverwood alive and EARN enough money to by decent weapons and armor to go to bleakfall barrow. In a different play I was lucky enough to find a dead adventurer and take his stuff. Also I don't allow myself to use my spells until after I get to riverwood. I believe there's a mod to start with no spell if you don't feel you could resist.

For graphics there are tons of texture mods, lighting mods, enb's and such. I also highly recommend all of the enhanced cities. just subscribe to all of Matthieu6839's mods on the workshop they really bring things to life.

Immersive armors and weapons is a must for me also Climates of tamerial with minty lightning mod. It makes storms a whole new expierence.

There are the UI mods. Skyui and catogorized favorites which I can't play without and also 83willow adds bugs and skybirds adds birds and there's footprints which adds, obviously footprints. Small mods but they make real difference in bringing the world alive.

I could keep going but I better leave it at that for now.

Word of warning, modding can be addictive. At least for me it is.
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