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March 5th, 2013, 19:01
I already posted this in the rewards thread but it was at the end of the thread's life and I still feel very strongly about it so I'm going to post it again here.

Originally Posted by LuckyCarbon View Post
Well, we spent years complaining there were no good old school RPGs coming out and now we're complaining there's a couple coming out over the next few years? Wasteland fall 2013, Project Eternity 2014 sometime hopefully, and obviously we don't yet for Torment but I would assume late 2014 at the earliest. That's 3 in ~3 years since we kicked in for Wasteland 2. I regret I didn't give more now that I've seen how fantastic the combat video looks.

Would it be nice for Wasteland 2 to be out already so we had a better idea of the style and quality to expect from inXile? Yes. However, Fargo is doing this the right way. He's only creating games he thinks we want, asking for our support through kickstarter to know we do want it, and listening to fan feedback the whole way through the development process. Unlike a lot of resurrected franchises, Fargo's not trying to rip us off by just cashing in on a name. He's put together a lot of the original designers and writers from both games to make the new ones. What more could we possibly want?

I get it, Fargo has put together a great team that's working for him and he wants to keep it going. To do that he needs to start lining up the next project now. The writers are mostly free and he wants to get them working on the next project now so it's ready for the development team when Wasteland 2 is finished. Would you rather he had to lay off his dev team to wait for funding for the next game and have to start from square one again?

I'd rather contribute to a hundred kickstarter games done by reputable, experienced devs who are asking for my support than spend another $50 ($60 now apparently) from a developer and publisher that insults me with the quality of brainless trash put out from some of the big publisher backed "RPGs" lately.

You have my support Mr. Fargo and thank you for treating our community with respect.
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