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March 5th, 2013, 19:47
Setting them up that first time takes some effort, but after that it's pretty much smooth sailing. The Shroud Mats sheet gets updated when there are too many scribbles to read it easily. Same story for the Mule Inventory sheet. The character planner printouts spit out once at lvl1 with the very occasional scribble (other than on Rhogu because JM won't allow me to do a character plan on my arty). The character tracker I put together lends itself to updating every two levels, which seems to line up fairly well with when my gear list accumulates enough scribbles to get messy.

All joking aside, it really does come in handy when we're running Friday on Wouldii and someone comes across (for example) a really good set of handwraps for Shadohe. I can grab her sheet and know quickly if I can use them or if I already have better. The other big thing is that I write down the areas a character is running and cross them off as they get done. So, for example, Wouldii would have a note on his sheet: GH: R / E / QQQQQQ / FFF. At this point, everything except the R would be crossed out (since we've done the explorers, walk-ups, and flags, but I still need Jax to finish my rares). Makes it pretty easy to know where each toon is at when we're trying to put a group together.
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