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March 5th, 2013, 20:01
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
Yeah, how dare they do what they said they'd do. It's despicable, I tell ya!
I haven't followed any updates and didn't pledge so I don't have any emotions either way. However,

they should have spent some of that money on someone who could have taught them how to communicate with customers. If you have one prominent critic, it's best to address him as such, rather than flail away at all your backers. I've seen big developers taking harsh/ below-the-belt criticism more humbly than they do. "Our backers should have listened more closely to our pitch and updates, y u no do it?! U R STOOPID GIVE US UR MONEEZ"
Maybe the fact that he doesn't seem to be the only one with this opinion should have told them that, at the very least, they didn't communicate their plans very well.




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