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March 5th, 2013, 23:10
Matt Barton, who you might know from his regular chats on Armchair Arcade, is announcing his Kickstarter for a game with various rules and a quantifiable outcome. Ha is planning to ask for just $100 million, which might not be enough to fund it.
After days of planning and hours of editing, I have finally completed my Kickstarter announcement video. Please pledge right now to help me reach my funding goal of 100 million dollars in 30 days. That may sound like a large sum, but when you hear this pitch and what I'm planning, I think you'll agree it's well worth taking out a second mortgage on your home.
=I can't reveal too much without spoiling the game's many twists and surprises, but following are some FAQs and my responses.
Can you describe exactly the kind of game you're proposing here?
Of course. In short, this will be a game with a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by rules, that results in a quantifiable outcome. That's about as specific as I can be at this point, but hopefully that answers your question.
$100 million doesn't seem like enough money to make an indie game. How will you budget it out?
You're absolutely right--just the martinis, spa treatments, Belgian chocolates, and Star Wars collectibles for the office can quickly reach upwards of a million. Of course I also have a taste for exotic ales that has to be factored in. But I think there should be at least enough left over to pay an amateur coder a part-time salary to do the heavy lifting. I'm also planning on including art and perhaps some public domain music.
Will it have rats in it?
Who the hell do you think you're talking to here? Okay, that's all the time I have for answering questions. Now pledge!!!

More information.
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