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March 6th, 2013, 06:19
Well I'm not sure what to think. I was really looking forward to it but it sounds like a disaster of Elemental proportions. The only question is that Stardock was willing to fix their disaster but is EA? I doubt it. If EA were to fix this and correct the flaws (aka remove the online part) and expand the size of maps I maybe able to live with the game. As it is I'm hoping the modders can hack it enough to fix these flaw for them.

If the backlash is too strong then they may just write it off and move on to another Sims 3 expansion. If too weak then it justifies the strategy even if initially distasteful (sort of like the netflix deal).

At the moment I'm not sure its worth trying to get a refund for me. I will download and test it before giving a final verdict but its not looking good.

Edit: Bad experience #1. Cannot install game get "ERROR: Windows IGameExplorer2 is unable to InstallGame (800700ea)" ok so this is fraking Games for Windows so had to figure out how to disable that but got through the install.

Bad experience #2. Now I get the extremely helpful message of [3000]. If anyone can interpret this for me it would help greatly.

Edit #2: For what its worth, someone seem to think that EA_ComRaven is not legit as they could not get refunds.
Originally Posted by CNaish
Well, it seems EA_ComRaven lied anyway. Refunds are NOT available. I just requested one from support.

Edit: "Deepak" from support says EA_ComRaven isn't even an EA representative.
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