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March 6th, 2013, 16:40
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Sounds all very confusing to me, especially this split screen stuff. Just go with the flow, do what feels right, etc, you know the drill!!
You take a nice steak knife and place it near the center of the screen. Saw liberally. Once you're done with the split screen, tape the halves back together. Although the surety of duct tape will be tempting, the wide grey strips can prove a bit distracting during intense DDO battles. A little Scotch tape works far better.

As a special note, particularly relevant since we're talking about spreadsheets, Excel has a "freeze/unfreeze panes" function that can come in handy as well. Since the commands within the program don't work as expected (damn you, Microsoft, damn you), I recommend getting a large block of ice and setting it on your monitor. Make a cup of tea or two while everything gets good and frosty. Return and do yer thing. Once you're ready to unfreeze, a plasma torch applied to the bottom of the monitor will bring it back to temperature in no time flat.

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