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March 6th, 2013, 20:04
Originally Posted by himmy View Post
For the life of me I can't understand why are there so many people, both in the media and on random Internet comments, that seem to really, REALLY want to prove that Kickstarter is bad. The slightest fuck-up (real or imagined) by some project is heralded as the death of Kickstarter.
Tom Wolf called the media the "genteel beast". It's less genteel these days, but their habits are the same: herd mentality, desire for a scoop, short-term obsession with a subject. The thing that makes Kickstarter so newsworthy is that it's so different. You are a donor, not an investor. But you are giving to nonprofits and for-profits alike and often for some version or copy of the product. This is also the general public acting like art patrons, something no one is sure the general public actually understands. And none of what KS has engaged in is really tested by US civil courts when it comes to failed projects and outright fraud. Which is a concern no matter how much KS tries to limit their liability.

So all that is a microscope focus on this unusual phenomenon and you'll naturally get lots of coverage that acts like a half-crazed man shaking another by the shoulders and shouting "Are they going to make it? WELL ARE THEY, DAMN YOU?? ARE THEY!!?! tuninnextweekforfurtherbreathlesscoverage."
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