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March 6th, 2013, 22:00
I give you a definitive…depends.

I've found that 2nd life works out pretty well content-wise. As a first lifer, you end up skipping quests because you gain levels too quickly. On our Friday toons, we're running everything we want (pretty much everything there is) and doing a fairly good job of XP totals keeping pace with the content, although we're running an elite streak that does inflate the XP some. The 1st life toon Az is running is leveling too quickly. Peter and jm, with 3rd lifers, are having to do some grind outside the session to keep pace (Peter less so, since he buys stacks of XP pots). Wouldii does not have an XP tome running like most of the group and doesn't use XP pots in general, and he's been in good shape to run nearly every quest in the game without having to repeat.

I don't have any 3rd lifers yet, but based on the folks that do it seems to me that your progress with a 2nd lifer won't feel too much different from your progress as a 1st lifer, while progress with a 3rd lifer feels noticeably slower.

The advantage of keeping your sorc is the ability to run different content. I expect any new content released before the next expansion pack will be epic versions of existing quests. If you TR, that new content will be unavailable to you. Similarly, if you start a new toon, you'll be pushing him/her thru the same content you just got done grinding—having a 2nd toon gives you the option to run some other quests for variety.

The downside of starting a new toon is that you'll be opening on normal (rather than hard) and you won't have any "uber" gear stashed away to draw on as you level up. Those are not insignificant downsides. Plus, as mentioned earlier, you'll probably miss a fair bit of content because you level too quickly.

I've got 6 toons, so I can do both approaches at the same time, which means my advice might be a bit suspect. In your situation, I think I'd start a 2nd toon, but that's just me.
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