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March 7th, 2013, 01:11
Originally Posted by jwmeep View Post
Hey Brother None, Chris Taylor claimed that Project Eternity and the other big kickstarters were actually looking for $3 Million dollars, and only asked for 1 to have a better chance of getting it. If Torment only reached the $1 million goal, would InExile have to lay people off since it wasn't enough money?
Lay off? Hmmm. I don't think so, at least not immediately, but the current core team for Torment is fairly barebones with people committed to join as funds become available. Well, they would've had to lay me off, but I think I might be the only immediate victim in the $1 million scenario. Torment will be fully budgeted out of its own budget, and $1 million was a realistic amount, though you could also imagine the team shrinking a bit if WL2 did abysmally in sales. We asked for the minimum we needed, I really am not a fan of Kickstarters asking for less than they need, but it was the bare minimum, so the team might've seen some downsizing.

Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
Wasn't interested initially but the pitch video showed correct focus and a potentially great foundations to create a game as a game in the spirit of PS:T. What's with the 900k goals though? Why has it been specifically 900k rather than 1m?
We did need at least 1M. If we only hit 900K, Brian would've paid the other $100K from his own personal funds. Now he'll match every donation dollar with 10 cents of his own until 2M, so if we hit 2M+ he'll still end up paying $100K. Dude really wants to get rid of his money

Originally Posted by ikbenrichard View Post
I want paypal.
Coming ASAP.

Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Invoking "torment" is mostly responsible, I think.
Really hard work is mostly responsible, I think. Haha. We worked our asses off.

Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
More specifically, who apart from GOG gets nowadays money from games like PS:T and Fallout? What happens with the Gothics whose publisher has gone bankrupt but the developers still operate?
As others have said, rights holders. Interplay for Fallout currently, with Bethesda taking over in 2014. Hasbro is the rights holder and publisher of Planescape: Torment.
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