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March 7th, 2013, 01:46
In Epic, the saving throws of the mobs scale tremendously, to the point that many are now ditching both Enchantment and Necromancy; as well as the Magister ED, and going Evocation Archmage Shiradi, and spamming Magic/Force Missiles and their SLAs. The chance of damage procs in Shiradi means that this is the easiest effective caster build.

Sorcerers are heavily affected because many of their best spells have reflex saves, and the post 20 content features not only huge numbers of high reflex mobs, but many of which have evasion as well. Mine worked out somewhat, but she was also an Enchantress as a secondary function, and could reliably hold non-SR critters on eHard.

In the Lam release notes, there is a thing about an Astral Shard market. Basically, it's a cash AH, with the ability to sell BtC items. There's also a lottery system being put in, you get one free play, with the ability to buy more with shards.
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