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March 7th, 2013, 04:08
Once you reach a certain level in your current destiny, you open up the ability to select another one. 3 levels in a destiny opens up all destinies in the same sphere, so when you get level 3 Draconic, you'll be able to change to Magister or Fate Singer.

On the destinies that have a link to another sphere, once you reach 4 levels in that destiny you gain access to the new sphere's closest destiny. So if you swapped to Fatesinger, and got level 4, you would open up Shadowdancer. 3 levels of Shadowdancer would open up Legendary Dreadnaught, and 4 levels of LD would open up Shiradi Champion.

You can buy Keys of Destiny from the DDO store to open any adjacent destiny instantly.

Unfortunately, you can't create a straight up Shiradi Sorc, not without first leveling as a Ranger, Druid, or Barbarian and taking Shiradi before TRing into a Sorcerer/Wizard.
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