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March 7th, 2013, 03:43
I recently made my first and only complaint about Factions, right here on the one and only Watch. So, it was part of the initial pitch? Then, I must have missed it. Was it only in the video? Because I sometimes don't watch those if the text convinces me to pledge. I certainly heard all about Factions in the updates, but those were after the fact. So, I suppose I can't complain anymore if it was in the initial pitch, but it still annoys me a little. Wolfing has summed up well my reasons why:

Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I wish multiplayer didn't exist and was sent down the the bottom of the nine hells, as I really really really hate when a game I want is affected in any way because of multiplayer (and devs can say whatever they want, but the fact is that multiplayer does take resources away from the single player game).
May multiplayer die a rotten death.
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