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March 7th, 2013, 20:05
I've tried creating new characters but after running through some of the quests I've run before I just can't take them anymore. They're still stuck at level 4…all 3 of them(druid/fighter/cleric).

On a side note I completely forgot about Dragon Breath…had that picked out but not in my hotbar…added it. Wow, talk about killing…lined up the white dragon and giant in Tor and hit them for between 2000-3xxxx non crit! I then went and started spamming it all over the place…has a somewhat lengthy cooldown but I have some patience. I try to line up as many enemies as possible and the most I've seen is about a 6xxx hit…not sure if that was a criticial hit either. I do have as many points as possible into everything fire/combustion. One guy told me he got about 12k+ crit a few times. I might just stay and play with this sorc a bit more before I decide what to do with him…a few more war wizard coms and I'll have complete set as well. Only thing I'm missing is a good trinket.
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