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Default What MMORPG should I play?

March 7th, 2013, 23:35
Okay, since there are approximately 823 billion MMORPGs on the market, I'm having trouble deciding which one I should try first.

I want a game that is heavy on the RPG part. Interesting quests, interesting storylines, lots of character customization, the nerdier the better. Lots of cool loot that is varied and does different things. Preferably good graphics, and preferably not grind heavy, but something that feels close to a single-player, deep RPG but offers the ability to group up to take on tougher tasks would be perfect. Oh, and exploration is definitely needed. I'd love a game where you could get lost exploring (preferably open-world), you can find a hidden cave, or some out of the way nook to dive into and find tough enemies with great treasure abound. A world full of magical adventure would be great (lol). Sword and sorcery, medieval feel would be preferred.

Does this game exist? lol. I'm not quite sure it does.

But anyway, the few games I have considered are Guild Wars 2 (but I'm a little weary of paying $60 for the game if I'm not going to like it), Dungeons and Dragons: Online, The Perfect World, Neverwinter (looks cool but I'm not sure when it's coming out), Elder Scrolls Online (which I will definitely play but it's obviously not out yet), and that's about it. Any thoughts on these games + recommendations of other games that I might like are welcome. Thanks!!
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