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March 7th, 2013, 23:55
I don't know if you tried RuneScape but might want to give a try, I mean there are no restrictions as you need to be a fighter,healer,tank mage, you can role play and not engange in combat at all just like ultima online. There is lore and quests and not typical of go kill x number to complete a part but you need to use your brains sometime and interact and use objects, so far I haven't found an mmorpg that has similar style of interactivity. I mean you do whatever your imagination want would it be attempt to bake some bread but first you will need to go to mill and make the flour or borrow some eggs from farms or even pickpocket some seeds from farmers to plant them and grow something edible. There are plenty of miscellaneous skills not related to combat.

For better experience to play with someone and avoid at all cost to buy items in player shop and obtain all the items with your own hands.

Ultima online is awsome to if you like more the part of being able to fight for riches and I heard there are even some good free servers.
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