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March 8th, 2013, 03:45
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Does Lotro have epic loot and a world full of mystery and adventure? I do like the Lotr lore, so that would definitely help.
LoTRO is storyline heavy, solo friendly with grouping quests once in a while and "group content" at higher level. The game is full open-world as well. It got loots, with rare drops (if that is what you call epic loot?). Zones are quite large too (horse riding is fun). It's F2P with a cash shop though (similar to DDO, same company), but you can get a long way (all content up to Lone-land is free) without paying any money unless you are impatient. Doing deeds give you free Turbine points to buy zones (easier to gain than in DDO from my experience). There are guides online to "maximize" it. You can also buy the expac trilogy on steam if you like the game. I suggest waiting for sales, it always get 50% off.

It's one of my favorite MMO, I love the Shire.
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