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March 8th, 2013, 04:48
Ive never been interested in sim city games, watching a Totalbiscuit "WTF is…" on this game, and I have to admit - it looks pretty cool. When it works.

He's talking about the DRM right now…
… saying that they are claiming (one of the) reasons for online DRM thing, is that there's simulation processing, the game itself processing all this myriad of information, going on at the server level.

Now theyre talking about all the DLC, including the infamous day one DLC. They are going to shovel DLC at you in this game

Looks like Gamespot pretty much skewered it in their review, due to it basiclly being broken on launch. Sounds awful, especially when it doesnt remember your progress. Nothing's worse then that in gaming, losing hours of progress!
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