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March 8th, 2013, 12:26
Citadel, the last DLC for Mass Effect 3, has been received well and has the following reviews to show that:Ars Technica
For players like me who are emotionally invested in the series, "Citadel" is excellent. It's like a gift from Bioware, a perfect bit of fanwankery made canonical. Whether or not it fits in with the larger tone of Mass Effect 3 is questionable, but it gives us all one last chance to see Shepard and his crew happy. This can sometimes be a bit too much, like eating your entire haul after trick-or-treating, but who doesn't want to overdose on candy every once in a while.
Hey U Guys Gaming
Weighing in at a touch under 4GB (itís a huge download), the DLC comes in two parts. Just one quick thing before we jump into itÖyou canít just dive into the DLC right from the start. You can only get into the new mission after the attack on the Citadel but BEFORE you take on the Cerberus base. You will find an email from Admiral Anderson in your personal messages and he pretty much orders you to take some well deserved shore leave while repairs are made to the Normandy.
Eurogamer, 9/10
It's been a bumpy 12 months since Mass Effect 3 was released. Those who disliked the game's three-flavour ending will probably find no solace in Citadel's three-choice party scenes, and it's a fair to assume that many will have moved on from the game in the intervening year. For those who've stuck by the series, however, and are willing to revisit it one final time, BioWare has excelled itself. The developer has clearly had a lot of fun creating a send-off to its characters that's worthy of the series' history and reminiscent of some of the saga's finest moments.
Destructoid 8/10
Once Citadel is pretty confident that you've bought into the flimsy pretense for a vacation, it smacks you in the face, in a grand, sophomoric "HAHA JUST KIDDING" prank. What follows isn't necessarily the best subplot in the series, but it's comes wrapped with a delightful spark - bringing back nearly every squad mate that's lived up to this point. There's no apparent purpose behind the grand reunion, other than bringing back a bunch of fan favorites for one final goodbye. One that feels even more gratuitous when you know how this tale ends.
More than anything, Citadel gave me more time with the characters I've grown to love and feel such a close connection to over the past three games and hundred-plus hours. Everyone comes out to play at some point. Having friends whose strengths and abilities I knew alongside me in battle was just as powerful here as any other part of the series, maybe even more so given how lackluster the last few add-on missions were. The party after the "mission" is over was a clever way to give me another chance to say goodbye to my friends. This is a going-away party on at least a few levels: this is the last I'll see of Shepard and company, and it's the last mission BioWare is releasing for Mass Effect 3.
There's plenty more: Every scene is stuffed with in-jokes and references, a bit in the Citadel archives allows you to relive various key moments in Mass Effect lore, and there's some great overheard enemy dialogue, if you take the time to listen. Some of the social sequences towards the end seem like they could play out dozens of different ways, given the fact that they involve each player's specific cast of surviving characters. I play as a female Commander Shepard, and the wonderful actor Jennifer Hale brought her A-game to Citadel. Shepard's last hurrah is a rangey, well-written part that's as surprising as it is warm and genuinely funny. Hale must have had a lot of fun bringing her character across the finish line.
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