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March 8th, 2013, 13:57
Piracy is undubiously made less relevant when a game is about social experience and that the pirated version only gives access to a solo experience.

If the game is designed (gameplay, game mechanics) to take full dimension only when played online, pirating the game to get the solo experience offline is just a bad idea.

As to what SimCity fans expect: they have various expectations.

Players like me who want an insulated, la carte, gaming experience, wont be satisfied by this city builder.
But they are other city builder fans who will enjoy the connectivity with a communauty of players.

For some reasons, it is more profitable for EA (and other developpers, publishers etc) to favour players who want to play their city builders among a communauty of players rather than players who want to play them solo.

All these are mere observations. To be taken or left.

The only question is to know whether that city builder delivers enough on its belonging to a communauty of city builders side to satisfy the gamers who look for that type of experience.

Players who look for solo experience are no longer a desired customer base by publishers etc
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