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March 8th, 2013, 14:57

To reduce piracy, you just can't make paying customers' life miserable and sell a completely broken product!!!
There is no excuse. You sold something that ain't working. You're earning millions on selling a pile of useless trash. And when customers get angry, you blame it on piracy? Nothing is your fault, only what's yours is the money you got from conned ppl who should do what? Ask nonexisting pirates for refund? Sue those same imaginary pirates? Start WW3 with homemade nukes in RL, not in some virtual EA game - you also got conned into buying? Whatever you do, it's not EA's fault. No, sir! Oh, btw, have you checked the latest EA's DLC? It's a must have! Yea, nothing fun or worth inside, but, yea, well, you have to buy it because of some evil pirates. Yea, those in Somalia. You buy DLC so they don't come abduct your sorry arse. Buy now! Play Cry later.

No wonder they don't shoot tragicomedies in Hollywood any more, we have crapload of that stuff in gaming industry.
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