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March 8th, 2013, 21:43
I'm a huge Ultima fan, so I'm in at $25… I might bump it up to $150 later on, but I have concerns (as I posted on BluesNews)…

"Our team is built around a core of industry experts" … Ok, then who is on the design team?

"We are using powerful, proven tools" … Like what? What game engine are you using?

Is this game an MMO playable offline, a SP game playable online, or a co-op game?
If this is an MMO, is there a monthly fee?

If those who pledge $500 or more will have persistent tax free housing, and the housing is very limited… Will there be any housing left for the rest of us, or will we be homeless?
Is the tax on persistent housing payable with in-game money or real dollars?

Why is there no boxed version?
Sure, it adds to production costs, but if someone is willing to pay $150 for a map and coin, they will certainly pay $25 extra for a nice CE box and game discs.

Did Richard Garriott ever finish building his 3rd castle, Britannia Manor III?

If Richard is so confident in this project, why doesn’t he offer to match the pledge total? After all, he's not poor.

The comment about “re-playable scenes” worries me… Having a dragon attack every time I cross a mountain pass doesn’t sound like fun… nor does re-clearing the same dungeon over and over.

The problem that I, and most other Ultima fans, have with an MMO is that we all want to be the hero of the game, the Avatar… not a dirt farmer, blacksmith, town jester, or the butler to some baron who coughed up $3000 for his city home!
Unless, of course, we can rise to the level of Avatar and skewer that filthy rich baron who made us clean his damned chamber pots!

Game development remains inherently risky”… Um, excuse me while I flush more cash down the Black Gate.
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