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March 8th, 2013, 22:00
Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
Looks really really great. God, Kickstarter has brought me so much joy, and so far none of the games have even been released yet…
3 kickstarter games have been released so far that I know of(I am counting only post Schafer era games)

FTL game I didn't back nor I was excited about it, but for me it turned out to be one of best games of 2012.

Giana sisters it got little attention but it's outstanding and very hard platformer with gorgeous graphic(Trine 2 quality graphic).

chivalry medieval warfare game that I really don't care about but according to reviews and sales it's quality game

But yeah big ones haven't come yet,personally I am most excited about Project eternity,Torment and Dreamfall chapters(I am very hyped about other projects I backed too just little less).
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