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March 9th, 2013, 00:35
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
I think that if a game has the ability to easily save your progress, then death mechanics are pointless, since people are just going to go back to a save game. A lot of games are balanced around this and have RNG mechanics that sometimes make a loss inevitable. I guess making interesting death mechanics work is a lot harder than it seems, since without a really tight balance it would likely just cause frustration.
I think if they make it fun and potentially rewarding then even with save and load it would be useful. They could make it so you can get some kind of reward or consequence for dieing based on the amount of time since your last death and they could integrate it with the story where new elements only come from dieing and if you just reload you will lose out on a part of the game.

They could do it so that like in the explaination in the kickstarter you take on the suffering of other people when you die and in small amounts maybe that could enhance your character but in larger amounts that will start giving you penalties and in the long run their suffering could drive you crazy and that would be game over. If you are dieing over and over I agree that you should reload but you should balance reloading with the part of the game that only comes from you dieing.
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