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March 8th, 2013, 23:46
Originally Posted by QuestLord View Post
What age of computer games are you living in exactly?
The modern one. Portalarium and the one thousand and one other online social development houses out there have absolutely no trouble getting publishers. All they do is mention buzzwords like microtransactions, online game etc etc and they have their funding. There are probably over 500 MMO's that look like this. Meanwhile single player games suffer and only ones the publishers touch are big franchises or ones based on existing IP/books/movies etc.

I hope I am wrong and the focus is on the single player aspects but the video certainly wasn't encouraging for me. It may be that future updates reveal more of the Ultima of old but I will hold my pledge till that happens.

For example, RG said that modern crpgs suffer from find and talk to all the marked npcs to progress - the video on KS showed the PC talking to NPCS that featured a dialog chain system i.e. "click" "click" "click" "accept or decline quest". Not exactly encouraging and how is this any different that the existing system he is describing. Why wouldn't they use a keyword system like U6+ and even UO used.

The other thing I have a problem with is the whole notion of "repeatable events". It kind of flys in the face of creating a decent single player narrative and is commonly associated with MMO's and "farming loot/exp", I could be wrong but it sounds very much like quest instances. If it just means every time you walk down a certain road there is a 50% chance you will be attacked by a group of bandits with an ogre I have no problem with it - that was common in U7. I would have a problem though if every time you talked to Batlin he sent you to paws to deliver a package.

Also, like MadGamer suggests, if the game doesn't have an conclusive ending that also is a game breaker. I don't a sandbox game like UO or the elder scrolls (to a lesser extent). Yes it should be open world and non linear but there should be a theme and overarching story that ties it all together. I want a game like U7 where you know what you have to do but not how to do it. Where you slowly discover the story over time and the threads all come together.
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