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March 9th, 2013, 02:10
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
playing card was said in the video. I assumed it meant CCG like so many games but what it really meant was random skill selection.

I guess for speed he removes TB combat selection or queuing these skills up ala. KotOR. A Baldur's Gate style AI for this would be really interesting but its random aRPG instead.
Hmmm, I see what you mean. Have you tried the card games dominion or thunderstone…or even the new marvel one?

It is really interesting how the cards come up and how you play the skills that do. It also becomes important to get rid of filler cards so you don't get stuck with a lame hand. If it works like that it could be really deep. I really wish I could explain how those games do it.

Hmm lets give it a shot, tell me if I don't make any sense. In those games each player starts off with money cards and attack cards, money cards being used to buy better cards from a layout of cards. Problem being is you need the original cards at the start but as the game progresses they become less useful then the "better" card you get in your deck. I'm not sure how this game will lay it out, but rest assured a strategy is required in deck games like that. It gets pretty deep at times too.
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