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March 9th, 2013, 03:59
Originally Posted by Gokyabgu View Post
Richard Garriott is no ordinary man. He can easily be called father of cRPGs. He made the first commercial cRPG. Ultima 3 is the foundation of eastern RPGs today. He showed us what world interactivity and choices&consequences are with Ultima 4-5-6-7. Ultima Underworld games inspired Bethesda to have made Elder Scrolls series. He made the first TPS style action RPG with Ultima 9 that later inspired Piranha Bytes with Gothic. He determined the standards of MMORPGs with Ultima Online. With each Ultima game he drew the boundaries of this genre. So in theory he has his fingers on nearly every RPGs we are playing. We are talking about 30 years of experience here.

So I expect something unique and revolutionary from him. Although I admit KS information is a bit vague. Anyway we will wait and see.
Garriott didn't make the Ultima Underworld games. Blue Byte/Looking Glass Studios were responsible for those. Give credit where credit is due. As far as Gothic is concerned, I'm sure that the earlier Ultimas were far more of an inspiration than the abomination that is Ultima 9.

There is no denying his legacy, but what has he done lately? In my opinion, he is spreading himself too thin. There is almost no way that the multiplayer focus won't detract from the single player experience. Personally, I have no interest in the multiplayer component. Therefore, there is no way that I'm backing this one.

Originally Posted by QuestLord View Post
I am actually sort of bummed out now. I was hoping for some decent 'rah-rah' comradery on Richard's announcement but its just such a strange reaction. Almost like everyone is upset. It's been compared to World of Warcraft?! Also to a Polish game that I guarantee you is so far off Richard's radar….

I just…sigh… you win again internets.
Don't blame the internets. Garriott's true RPG roots are in creating memorable single player worlds as opposed to multiplayer games. This Kickstarter doesn't fit the bill. Ergo…disappointment.
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