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March 9th, 2013, 04:39
From the 'review in progress' notes on PC Gamer, it was sounding like the game was having some pretty serious issues with its advisors even before the servers got snowed under. I'm guessing it will be a couple of months at least before I think about getting this game, which means I'll likely forget about it until the summer Steam sale…

This whole server thing is really a travesty, though. It's like the MMO launches of old. "Oh, we didn't know we would get so many new players all trying to play on the first day!!" Sure you didn't.

The MMOs learned their lessons (more or less) and now divide up the initial rush with options to get into the game early and even to limit sales over the first few days. EA ignored the history and now they are repeating it. That's particularly sad given that they publish some MMOs.
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