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March 9th, 2013, 05:16
Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
To clarify what I said earlier: it smells to me like he's tossing out all the phrases and ideas that are going to get him kickstarter bucks. But the game itself looks like another MMO. Happy to be wrong, but I'm suspicious.
Really? I have to ask have you read any of the interviews or stuff thats on his site? Because, I don't get that same impression at all. earlier you even said itlooked like another WoW clone which is really strange since it never even came into my mind as that.

So if I can get things straight here what we have here is a mix of mount and blade and WoW he is copying now?

Oh and for those asking why is Garriet puting any of his own money in…here is what they wrote in the comments section for kickstarter.

Seriously though, no one is more passionate about this game than Richard which is why he has and will continue to invest in the game, far more than we're likely to raise on KS. This is just a great opportunity to pull in the ravenous fans (like most of you!) into the process and also get some extra funding to help add content and address some concerns being expressed here.

Vlad, only one project has really generated 60% of it's money on day one and that is the Torment project. They were a very special case in that this was essentially their third KS and they pulled heavily on their existing audience. We're thrilled with the results so and are in the top 5 or so all time for day one for video games which, given the much more cautious KS market, is very good.

We also are at a slight disadvantage because we went tech heavy first instead of art heavy. People like pretty pictures, they sell games on KS but pretty art doesn't ship games. We focused on tech because we're here to make a game, not a wall of pretty pictures! Games rarely don't ship due to art issues and we're here to ship.

That said, Hell yes, go get more people in but we're doing great based on the larger historical data (ignoring someone's second/third KS that exploded earlier this week). -Chris
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