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March 9th, 2013, 07:13
Seems like this definitely going be an mmo game, but they are avoiding using the words for marketing reasons since those kind of projects don't do well on kickstarter.

The multiplayer experience is very MMO like and I think we're just confusing people by saying it is not. You will be able to see other players in game and meet new people. The only thing that will be different is that where possible, we won't be driving 100% of the experience through our servers. Instead, we'll be letting players direct connect to each other.
As for PVP and MMO, trust me, I know they are scary words to the KS crowd and non UO Ultima fans

In another thread I expressed hesitation that "going back to his roots" meant Ultima online, and that appears to be the case. To many people UO was the greatest mmo of all time. So I'm sure they'll be happy with that.

I know they are promising the single player wont be hurt by this focus, but honestly, I've heard that one before. Playing single player in a game meant for multiplayer or co-up just isn't the same. It's not designed for you, and you can tell that. Maybe Garriot will be the first to get it right. We'll see. Plus they are already talking about micro transactions which I don't care for.

For now I am not going to pledge, but I will keep an eye on the comments when it's released, and make a decision then. If it's a solid single player experience, I might purchase it then.
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