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March 9th, 2013, 08:00
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
I came, I saw, I'm not terribly excited.

The multi-player aspect doesn't scare me much. Borderlands and Borderlands 2 were both made for co-op play but singleplayerable and I had fun playing solo on those. It's just that there's no real hook here at all. I think he needs to give us some serious background on the kind of story that's going on here and the kinds of choices we're going to be making.

P.S. Singerplayerable: a game designed for multiple players but can still be played by a single player. You heard it here first!
that's funny,

and so far the best argument I've heard against not jumping all over to buy this. It will get made and will be a day one buy for me. U9 was a day 1 buy for me and I waited a year before I played it! Music made me sad too.

Interesting that he takes the risk of ignoring the will of the people to make the game he wants. The only way I wouldn't buy it is if stuffed microstransactions down my throat. DDO is ok for that - if it doesn't try to force it should be ok.

This is making the front page Google News. Caught this great article on more insight into Akalabeth


Apparently he saved the original hand made packages of the game and numbered them individually before they were snuck off to a publisher. AND the code for the dungeons in U1 is the same code.
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