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March 9th, 2013, 11:54
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MigRib - what was it that turned you off, then? I guess the most common negative impression people have of the game is the mediocre combat and "too much text". The latter is of course also what the fans love…
Too much text is one of the main reasons, yes. But the most important thing about it is that I don't like and never liked what we now call old school RPGs. By the time they were made (and were, therefore, "new school") I was still playing (most of the time game mastering) P&P RPG games. I found the cRPGs lacking in any kind of interest to me by then, not because I had too much of "real" RPG, but because I never felt those games translated my experience as a gamer. Why? Well, when I began role playing, as most people did, I started with D&D and had my fair share of dungeon crawling, treasure hunting and random encounter tables. But I got fed up with it, and soon turned my D&D into an epic campaign where rules were mostly ignored (except in combat, and even then I tried to streamline it as much as I could, not to turn the whole thing into a game of dice). When the Storytelling system got big enough to be know in this small corner of Europe, I discovered that it was "my thing". Not the tactical minded or minmaxing kind of play we found in D&D, but delving into a narrative and into character interpretation, No dice rolls for hours, just role playing. That was why the old cRPG games never interested me - bored the hell out of me, in fact. Usually high fantasy, usually based on D&D, usually based on Forgotten Realms (something I never tried, even in P&P, I played in Dragonlance universe, which was much more close to the kind of games I was running). Turn based combat, tactical combat, lot's of text (I love to read, but give me a break, I read books, and not fantasy books for that matter), isometric perspective, lots of memorizing tiny bits of information that would be usefull in latter puzzles. None of that was for me. I know that Planescape Torment doesn't have all of the "flaws" (flaws in my opinion, of course) that are common to the old school RPG, but still it's one of them. And I always found the old school games - compared to my personal experience as a role player - more closely related to some board games, than to actual role playing games. I know this is considered an outrageous opinion around here, but it's my opinion.
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