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March 9th, 2013, 13:57
Originally Posted by figment View Post
By all accounts they eliminated a lot of mechanics (public transit, large cities) which would not necessarily be a step forward. Maybe the economic model is a step forward but I cannot play to find out.

It did add work but from a companies perspective this is a cost center not a profit center especially since they are not collecting monthly fees. You can justify post release maintenance either through continued fees or continued sales and I dont expect them to get either at this point unless they fix this quick. Even if they do fix it quick I think the damage is done.
Quite interesting.

All of it allowed to remake the game. As they withdrew certain features, they gave themselves room to make a new installment. In the current situation, they might be able to justify a new iteration to add the features they withdrew.

They are adapting a game that was exclusively SP to social gaming and this alone ensures work and money.
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