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March 9th, 2013, 13:11
Stories in RPGs are a byproduct.
Again, once strung together, situations narrate a story. It is a feature that can not be escaped. Does not make it essential.

I remember before youtube came up reading a walkthrough of Castlevania:the symphony of the night that was written as a structured narrative. The writer simply storytold what happened in the game. This does not make the story the focus of a game like Castlevania.

Most games come with a story as a by products as situations can be strung together.

Wargames come with campaigns. They produce narratives. None of those games' focus is on the story.

Football games come with campaigns. They can produce narratives. FM even includes a standardized recount of a player/manager career, retelling the highlights, achievements in a journalist style. Yet the focus of those games is not on the story.

Narrative gaming makes the developpment of a quality story its focus.

Stories by produced by RPGs must be treated as any other story that is by produced in another gaming genre. Just like shooter, just like driving car, football, platform etc. Stories in all these games are just by products that derive from the fact that once strung together, situations tell a story. It is only in narrative games that the story is the primary and essential product.
A RPG has nothing to expect from a good story. A RPG can deliver without a good story. Narrative games, no.

Role playing game is about role playing, shooting games about shooting, driving games about driving, platform about platform, skirmish game about skirmish etc
Only narrative games are about telling a story.
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