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March 9th, 2013, 14:30
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
A RPG has nothing to expect from a good story. A RPG can deliver without a good story. Narrative games, no.

Role playing game is about role playing, shooting games about shooting, driving games about driving, platform about platform, skirmish game about skirmish etc
Only narrative games are about telling a story.

But you are only talking about the end story, the story that is constructed after all the situations are played in game. In some games that is what happens, but not in The Witcher series. The Witcher series is based on a character that already existed before the videogame, and that has "lived" many stories before. If those past stories had nothing to do with the videogame, then it would only matter the end story, result of the combination of all situations in game. But that's not the case here, because the character Geralt of Rivia (although an amnesiac) has dialogues about past experiences with his old friends. Not only that, but the universe in which Geralt moves in the videogames was created by a writer, not by the game devolopers, so it intrudes in the game. Even if it is not an obligation to read the books (I red only two of them and played both games), they shaped The Witcher's universe the same way. And if those past stories are not enjoyable for you, probably you will not like The Witcher, even if you are enjoying the way the role playing situations are delivered. This said, I do believe you would label both Witchers as narrative games and not RPGs. Am I right?
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