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March 9th, 2013, 14:31
Thanks for the reply. Well, I can understand that. To some extent old school RPG are an acquired taste for me - I didn't really play many in their heyday and discovered classics like Ultima VII, Fallout, and even Planescape only when they were already "classics". But I came to appreciate them - not that it's the only kind of RPG I like, far form it.

You are right, they don't translate the P&P experience well. I don't think any game does, really. But P&P is over for me, and I found other things to like in this genre. Including aspects that you can't have in P&P.

Still, with regards to at least some of the things you seem to value, epic tales, immersing into narrative (how else but through text would one convey that, at the time?), interpreting your character, unusual worlds beyond treasure hunting and dungeon romping - well PS-T is actually a pretty unique game in these respects, and better than most, I would say.
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