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March 9th, 2013, 14:44
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Still, with regards to at least some of the things you seem to value, epic tales, immersing into narrative (how else but through text would one convey that, at the time?), interpreting your character, unusual worlds beyond treasure hunting and dungeon romping - well PS-T is actually a pretty unique game in these respects, and better than most, I would say.
Sorry, I think I induced you in error about that epic thing. I don't appreciate epic tales nowadays, that was the only way I came to terms with playing D&D about 20 years ago. But I agree with you that by then, the time when the old school games were made, lots of text was the way to convey the story. Not anymore, though. I think that using the audiovisual approach to telling the story, using the quality graphics that nowadays can be made, combining it with the voice acting and soundtrack, is the best way to try to adapt the sense of immersion, interactivity, interpretation of character and exploration of a fictional universe that a P&P game provides. It is a difficult thing, and I agree with you that most games fall short (the classics and the new games). But picking on something that is being discussed in another topic, modern games are, in my opinion, much better at delivering good "narrative" games, as Chien Aboyeur calls them. I accept the term he uses, although I diverge in the opinion that "narrative" games are the best option for emulating a role playing game in a computer game. Concentrating on the rules and mechanics (like the old school games often did) creates a kind of mix between strategy and adventure, not really role playing either.
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