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March 9th, 2013, 14:07
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Well, I think all of these approaches are valid, and I have an interest in all of them, and therefore place value in maintaining the diversity of styles.
While I love being awed by the graphics of modern games, I often find that the old games eclipse them in the storytelling and writing, and the "gamey" mechanics of TBN games have their own charme and offer a more involved tactical game.
So for me, it depends more on my daily mood what I prefer.
About the "gamey" mechanics, well I have no doubt that you are right. That's one of the reasons I don't apreciate most old school (or old school inspired games), because they involve that kind of tactical gaming that I really don't like - except in extraordinary circunstances. For example, I played XCOM recently and I liked it. But had enough of it after about ten hours. About old games having better storytelling and writing… Hmmmm, not so sure. I won't mention the fantasy games, because I'm not a fantasy fan (well, maybe The Witcher, I don't think any fantasy game can beat that one storywise). Anyway, maybe some do eclipse the modern ones, others I don't agree. For example, I find the story of the original Deus Ex not as interesting as DE:HR - even though the newer game has much more combat than the old one.
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