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March 9th, 2013, 19:25
Morrowind for me. I spent way more time in Morrowind than I spent in Skyrim, though Skyrim is quite nice, too … but Morrowind had the more interesting atmosphere. I'm just not interested in all that Viking stuff. I liked Bloodmoon not for that, but because it reminded me of Daggerfall somehow.
They kind of tried to marry Blodmoon's more generic setting to the crazy visuals of Vvardenfell, and IMO they succeeded really well, yet despite all the fun stuff in Skyrim + addons - marrying, building houses etc. - starting up Morrowind always feels like returning home. I mean … taking over and redecorating houses, movable light sources …

But I do miss stuff from Oblivion as well, the Thieves guild questline and some of the NPCs, for example. And, of course, Shivering Isles. My main gripe with that game was the fact that decorating was such a hassle, and that you couldn't sleep in houses you broke into. What I miss from Arena is the spell that destroyed walls.
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