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March 9th, 2013, 19:36
Morrowind wins for me, I'm currently doing a Skyrim playthough with mods and it really got me thinking about the differences of the two games, the story, the gameworld and the quests all feels much more immersive and natural in Morrowind then the did in Skyrim, yes Skyrim was good and whacking stuff over the head with my mace was super fun, but the more you looked around the cities talked to people and did quests the more fake the game felt.

Like how it is suppose to be so cold in Skyrim and yet we never see anyone freezing or how is it no one talk about the bandit lair 50m outside of town that is threatening the city, the more I play Skyrim the more questions pop up that dosn't make sens, Skyrim had a lot of people working on it but sometimes it feels like the didn't talk together or coordinated at all, Morrowind wasn't perfect but for me it felt a lot more like an actual gameworld where people lived in and wasn't just waiting for you to walk by.
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