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March 9th, 2013, 20:01
What you guys mean to say is that you were a lot younger and easier to impress when you played Morrowind

Of course, I've always been hard to please - and I guess I'm the only one who can remember the awful combat feel, the "always use best attack" system which meant 100% click left mouse button until thing is dead, the incredibly stilted animations, the wikipedia conversation system, the lack of mounts, the lack of crafting, the completely cookie-cutter dungeons, the dreadful skill system without toys to look forward to, the endless brown and grey areas with nothing interesting to find except ANOTHER cookie-cutter dungeon, the absurdly annoying Cliffracers, the design-your-own spell system that basically translated to numeric increments as "upgrades", the lack of dual wielding, the lack of interesting stealth mechanics, the lack of a strong archery component, the lack of physics, the minimal voice acting, the let's pause the entire world while we engage in conversation limitation, the obscene stuttering as cells were visibly loaded before your eyes, the excessive use of fog because of no distant view technology, the magnetic boots that made you feel as if you were on a rail rather than moving naturally, and I could go on.

Morrowind was beautiful when it came out - no doubt about that. They had some interesting loot placed around the nearly identical dungeons - and the two biggest advantages over Skyrim would be the exclusive guild system and the wonderfully imaginative city design.

That's about it.

People going on about it being a better RPG are dreaming sweet dreams of nostalgia from a time when they had the imagination to pretend they were actually roleplaying. The advances that Skyrim has made since then are ABSURDLY obvious to anyone actually perceiving reality.

Morrowind had better exploration? Are you kidding me? That has got to be a joke. Morrowind was more immersive? Ok, look up the word immersive and try again. Everything that isn't "unique" in Skyrim was ten times less unique in Morrowind.

Then again…. to each his own and all that
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