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March 9th, 2013, 22:01
Do you really need to be such a prick about it, Dart? Political discussion are one thing, but on a game topic?
you really are unlikeable sometimes. Do you have any friends? just curious

Nobody's opinion on a game is a "senseless" opinion, people feel differently about things, you poltroon. First and foremost, you more than likely havent played the game long enough to form a solid opinion of it, so if anyone's opinion here could be considered 'senseless' it's likely yours!

As for the combat in MW, it's not simply left click. Looks like you havent really explored that much. I like that whatever direction you are hitting the directional dictates whether you go overhead swing, stab, or side-to-side attack. It also holds the strike until you release the button. Especially for my 2 handed characters it's pretty cool to hit them w/ a thrust, then jump in w/ an overhead chop for the finish. I like the archery, and if you make a ring of bound bow, you can pretty much eliminate any cliffracer at a distance before it becomes a problem.

The dungeons/ruins locations are all individually crafted, they are anything but the same cookie-cutter, and everything within is individually placed. I loved the locations in MW. Again, you have no clue what youre talking about, because you havent invested enough time in the game to form a solid opinion of it.
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