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March 9th, 2013, 22:31
Actually, it was not intended as a serious tone.

That's what the smiley and kisses were about

I thought you people knew me around here - but given that it's you, Sam, being extra dense - you should know that I'm deliberately abrasive but I don't really mean anything by it. Call it bad Danish humor. We have this thing called "janteloven" - which is basically about how everyone is a bit of a bum - and we don't take ourselves very seriously. Maybe that's the confusion.

Also, a friend - to me - is completely separate from a person you've never met and who has no idea who you are. That's why I don't fret over popularity among strangers - it's really not that compelling to be liked when it means nothing to be liked. If you like someone around here - you like your own image of the person which is based on almost nothing. So, hate DArtagnan as much as you want - but I can almost guarentee that you'd like me in real life. Almost everyone does

That said, if you insist on taking offense because I find your reasoning regarding Morrowind vs Skyrim weak and irrational - that's on you. The whole "my opinion is superior" is just for kicks - but my opinion stands and I can defend it better than you might expect from an unlikable prick like me.

As for how long I played Morrowind? Combined? I guess 50-100 hours. Never did complete it, though. It was far too generic and bland for my tastes.

The dungeons WERE cookie-cutter in the extreme, considering they were hand-made. You could literally see the same building blocks being used over and over and over. After visiting a dozen dungeons, you could predict the layout of way too many of them. Every mine you visited felt like the same damn place - and my GOD were the mines BORING as hell. In Skyrim, you can't see building blocks being used because they don't use them (well, I certainly never noticed it) - and they had 8 times the manpower to pull it off, so there's a reason for it too. Skyrim is ridiculously huge in terms of locations and it has a limited amount of assets - so naturally you'll find yourself getting serious Deja Vu after a while - but even so, almost every single location has SOMETHING entirely unique about it. A little story or some purpose for existing. That's something no other TES game has managed to accomplish. Arena and Daggerfall had completely generic or randomly generated crap. Morrowind had cookie-cutter dungeons made from obvious building blocks. Oblivion had few or no building blocks - but most locations failed to implement unique lore or a purpose and loot was dreadfully lacking. Skyrim is better in every single way - except perhaps for loot placement - which is arguable.

Combat had an option to use the most efficient attack at all times - which any rational individual would enable. That meant left-clicking constantly. End of story. Yes, the game had archery - but it was complete crap compared to both Oblivion and Skyrim archery.

Morrowind was like walking around in a painting. Dry and lifeless.

When you walk around in Skyrim - the world feels alive. The terrain layout and world design is so far ahead of Morrowind, it's not even funny. The vistas are breathtaking from high up - with breathing waterfalls and a view-distance that utterly destroys anything in Morrowind. Try approaching Solitude from pretty much any angle - and repeat how Morrowind is more "immersive".

Again, the only place where I would consider Morrowind superior in this way would be the city design - and that's because the setting is so unusual. Making cities stand out in a Norse setting is a damn sight harder, and I happen to think Solitude and Whiterun are both great looking.

Oblivion took much of what was wrong with Morrowind and fixed it - but it left behind almost all that was good about it.

Skyrim took what was good about Oblivion and brought back most of what was good about Morrowind - and then it added a lot of great stuff on top of it.

Honestly, I'm truly puzzled by how any rational individual could claim Morrowind to be superior with a straight face. I don't doubt your enjoyment of the game was superior back in 2002 - but if you had modern hardware and Skyrim in your hands in 2002 - you wouldn't give Morrowind the time of day. Simple as that.
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