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March 9th, 2013, 23:32
I'm currently playing Skyrim (I was late to the party and only got it during last years christmas holiday). The game is good and has dominated my evenings since I got it. MW is one of my all time favourites, but I havent played it in two years or so.

Dungeons: Skyrim's are slightly better.
I dont have any screenshots or maps to back it up, but to me it feels like the Skyrim dungeons do recycle certain segments as well. It would surprise me if they didnt, Bethesda was guilty of that in the three previous TES games (though it was far more visible in Oblivion and Daggerfall). Skyrim has larger dungeons (without going overboard) with some puzzle elements which is a plus. Morrowinds dungeons are slightly less linear (Skyrim's are really just corridors).

Combat is undisputably better in Skyrim. DArt's description is accurate. Skyrim has more options, power attacks and whatnot. Archery is useful.

Character customisation/ruleset: Better in Skyrim. I miss some skills, but getting rid of attributes (that were tied to skill use) is a good thing. The perks allow for far greater character diversity than in the predecessors.

Overland map: Slight edge for MW. Both are diverse and reasonably interesting. Skyrim's map feels emptier though. Morrowinds world feels larger as you actually have to walk to places, but most of the time that is a hassle. I like the fast travel to known locations compromise.

Loot: Slight edge for Morrowind. It'd be a tie if Skyrim didnt have the retarded scaling of quest reward items that we saw and hated in Oblivion.

Exploration: Slight edge for MW. Not much difference between the games in rewards for exploration, similar ratio of unique to levelled stuffs to find. MW actually forces you to explore and use clues due to the absence of quest markers. MW gets extra points for actually allowing you to explore more locations, there are very few (were there any at all?) locks that couldnt be picked while Skyrim has a ton of doors that only will be opened once you've gotten to the right stage of a quest…

Quest variety: Slight edge for MW so far. MW simply had more unique questlines. The bulk of Skyrim's quests are radiant "go to linear dungeon X and kill boss Y/pick up item Z (not that you could choose to abstain from either due to the linearity of the levels).

UI: MWs is better with the exception of the map interface. Lists suck on a PC. Not to mention that the Skyrim UI is outright bugged out of the box, it is way too easy to focus on the wrong reply in dialogues for instance.

Stealth gameplay: Skyrim's is significantly better, but not perfect. The linearity of the dungeons seem to make it impossible to sneak past certain places (I might be off here, havent really maxed out the stealth tree). More open dungeons would have allowed players to utilise the stealth mechanism better.

Crafting: Better in Skyrim, but I dont care much for this gameplay element.

So it's a mixed bag, but I wont go back to Morrowind for a few reasons:

1) I've sunk 100s of hours into that game already and have seen most of it except the Telvanni questline and some Daedric quests.

2) Combat is far far better in Skyrim, and in any RPG combat makes up the bulk of the gameplay.

Oblivion had few or no building blocks - but most locations failed to implement unique lore or a purpose and loot was dreadfully lacking.
No, just no. Oblivions dungeons reminded me of Daggerfall. Recombinations of (recycled) larger dungeon segments in extremis.
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