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March 10th, 2013, 10:34
No, just no. Oblivions dungeons reminded me of Daggerfall. Recombinations of (recycled) larger dungeon segments in extremis.
I was thinking about this last night after I said it - and then I remembered Oblivion (the area) - and that was almost nothing BUT building blocks. That's the exception I can remember.

But as for the Cyrodiil areas - I can't think of a single dungeon where I could recognise an obvious building block. I'm not claiming they're not there (they probably are) - but they were certainly less prevalent than in Morrowind. It makes sense - because I can clearly remember Todd going on about improving this area for every game and dedicating more resources to it.

As for you "having a feeling" that Skyrim recycles dungeon segments and Morrowind dungeons are almost as interesting - well, I don't know what to say. We've been playing different versions of games with those names - that's for sure

When I started playing Morrowind - I was gobsmacked. I was literally ready to call it the best game ever made. I remember my brother calling and asking me how it was - and I flat out said it was the best game I've ever played. This was after a few hours of my initial playtime - and obviously I ended up changing my mind very significantly.

So it's not like I was just sitting there pointing out flaws for kicks. I very clearly remember dungeons being incredibly boring, using identical hallways, rooms, and other segments. I must have visited dozens of dungeons too - so unless I've been EXTREMELY unlucky - I'm pretty sure I'm right about that.

I must have started Morrowind at least ten times - and I think my first time with it clocked in at around 30-40 hours. Mostly because I didn't want to accept another disappointment on the same level as Daggerfall turned out to be.

But, in the end - I've been unable to stand the boredom. It's really the most accurate description I can come up with: boring, bland and dry.

The best part of the game would be the factions/houses and their visual designs. They had some beautiful architecture and textures - and IIRC Redoran?!? was particularly impressive.

The ONE thing Skyrim lacks is the exclusive guild system. I've been pissed about that ever since Oblivion. They definitely SHOULD be more exclusive and you should feel much more like a member of a guild than just going through yet another questline. That's a design flaw.

But, as for the actual content of the questlines - I think Skyrim utterly destroys both Oblivion and Morrowind. Writing is very good and every quest is a unique experience with an impressive amount of cinematic feel to it. Morrowind quests felt similar and were pretty much all text-based. I can't argue against the writing - because that's down to personal taste. I don't remember thinking much of Morrowind writing, but I do remember thinking Oblivion had the worst writing of any TES game. Skyrim is certainly much, much better than Oblivion in that way.
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