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March 10th, 2013, 10:42
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
Still - no. There's always the setting.
I tend to buy many games in the bargain bin, years after they first appeared. I did, for example, play PC JE and PC Drakensang at the same time, and though there's a 4-year gap between those games, I liked the older game a lot better mainly because of the setting and atmosphere. And, well, you can have a great atmosphere without a 'modern' approach, think of Minecraft.
Or let's take SoFII and Far Cry. Got those at the same time as well. While Far Cry had impressive visuals - I stood and stared at the butterflies and stuff -, SoFII was the funner ride for me, event though I didn't like several gameplay decisions they had made. Meaning, I'd rather pop that into my drive than the other one if I was asked to replay one of them.

But to stay in-universe, there's the case of Redguard and Battlespire. While Redguard was the first Elder Scrolls Game to have that wondefully weird atmosphere Morrowind so successfully made use of (and, a little less successful, Skyrim), I still like buggy-as-your-iPhone Battlespire better, even though I played it five or six years after its release while I played Redguard in the year it came out. Battlespire was not only buggy, it was a dungeon crawl and levels were rather repetitive, but I still love to hear the dialog and voice acting a lot.

So yes, it's primarily about taste.
In some cases nostalgia may be involved, but certainly not when an older game was played way later than a newer game. Newer doesn't automatically mean better, or more of the features one loved about an older game. Skyrim is a very good newer game in this regard as it actually tried to combine what people loved about the predecessors, but there still are features I sorely miss, features I had in MW.

@Sammy: there's always this:
Fair enough.

Obviously it is down to subjective taste. As I pointed out to Sam - I was messing around with you. Bad humor and indifference to the reaction. BAD DART!

I tend to react that way when enough people get together and speak nonsense

Hehe, I can't help it I guess.

Anyway, there's no disputing preference of setting. I can certainly accept and understand that if the Morrowind setting in itself was so special to you - then all the gameplay and technical improvements in the world might not matter all that much.

Personally, I never liked the setting - not even when I first played it and was ready to make love to the game. No, to me, it was far more brown than alien. The whole volcanic ash area was just about the dullest area of any game I've ever played. It felt HUGE and utterly pointless.

I've never cared for "weird" settings. I prefer settings I can relate to or understand in some way - and I crave variety. I think my favorite settings are the most traditional settings - or at least settings I'm already familiar with. Maybe another Morrowind game would appeal to me more - because then it wouldn't be so uncomfortable to explore.

As for Skyrim, I'm actually not a fan of the setting. I don't like endless winter or cold areas. Fortunately, the game does have quite a bit of visual variety. I love the woods close to Riften - and I love the swamp area close to Solitude. What's there is absolutely beautiful - but I'm not a big fan of the setting at all.

If I had to pick a TES game for the setting - it would be Daggerfall, because it was both traditional and full of variety. That's just my kind of setting.
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