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March 10th, 2013, 11:10
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
Mediocre combat and too much text is correct. I've installed Planescape 3 or 4 times and always got very bored and quit.

So what about Inquisitor? Mediocre, but superior to planescape, combat… Too much text but with more logical results and less "oh, that was random" things happening that don't relate to what you said.

Surely all the Planescape lovers also love Inquisitor?

There's probably a bit of "I'm so cool cos i played Planescape" going on too. I know this cos I wish I could say I liked it, as I do every other infinity engine game, but it was really just not all that good or I'd have made it through without getting bored.
Inquisitor had ok writing but not much depth,quality is nowhere near as good as PS:T,I completed PS:T multiple times and I quit inquisitor around beginning of act 3.
Game is far from perfect,it has it's low points but it has one of best stories in any video game and that outweigh it's flaws by far,at least for me.
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